Balance your diet, balance your health Balance your diet, balance your health

Bon appétit ... joints are also hungry

Our cartilage layer between the joints "starves" and breaks down if it doesn't get enough nutrients and movement without interruption. Such a breakdown of the gunk is painful, and in the worst cases, the bones rub right up against each other- we've "starved" ourselves of arthritis, like a gear that scrapes on the "dry," a bedroom door whose hinges aren't oiled and start to squeak, or a car that has developed a piston seizure from lack of oiling.

Nutrients and daily exercise

High fiber foods, such as beans, lentils, tomatoes or herbs have plenty of nutrients and vitamins and are our joint fluid's favorite foods. Likewise, our joint cartilage is happy to have a balanced exercise program. Regular physical activity not only provides us with enjoyment of life, stress relief and social contact, but also feeds and lubricates our joints to stay mobile. An alternation of loading and unloading supplies the joints optimally and provides well-being on all levels.

There are enough possibilities to give the cartilages their well-deserved nourishment. Even small changes in everyday life can achieve a lot. How about a daily evening walk around the block? Or maybe the last five steps to the front door once up, once down and again up? If you prefer a more leisurely pace, simply sit down on the dining room table and let your legs dangle for a while - swing forward - swing back - without any exertion. Just like when you were a child, relaxed and easy- your knee joints will show their appreciation for the "extra menu" with more freedom of movement and pain relief.

There are plenty of wonderful "training tools" in your own household to keep your joints happy. A towel, for example, can be helpful if we suffer from a lack of joint lubrication in the shoulder area. Sitting in an armchair or chair, loosely swinging your arm back and forth with the towel in your can almost hear your shoulder joint smacking with delight.