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Exercises for joint health

Because movement provides the joints with important nutrients and keeps them mobile. On this page we have compiled eight basic exercises for you.

Strengthening the arm muscles


Stand with your feet on the Theraband® and grasp both ends of the band so that it is slightly taut with your arms bent. Now pull both hands parallel against the resistance of the band in the direction of the shoulder. Keep your elbows close to your body. Be sure to slow down as you move downward. Repeat the exercise several times.

Strengthening the upper back


Stand upright and grasp the band in front of your torso, arms open to body width. Move your arms outward against the resistance of the band and slowly back again. While doing so, pull the shoulder blades together. The shoulders remain relaxed. Repeat the exercise several times.

Strengthening the shoulder girdle

Stand upright and take the band in both hands. Stretch one arm out to the side, the other is bent - as if you were holding a bow and arrow. Your gaze follows the outstretched arm. Now, at shoulder level, bring the bent arm away from the torso as if you were drawing the bow. Then return to the starting position and repeat with the other side. Note: The shoulders remain lowered.

Strengthening the shoulders


Do a lunge and place the front foot on the Theraband® with the elbows slightly bent. Then raise your arms sideways to shoulder height - without raising your shoulders. Hold the tension for a few seconds and return the arms to the starting position with concentration. Repeat the exercise.

Strengthening the thigh muscles


Kneel with one leg on the mat, the other leg is positioned. Place your front foot on the Theraband® and grasp the ends of the band with your hands. Now come up from the hips and upper body until the front knee is almost extended. Then, without pausing, lower the knee and torso back down. As you lower, extend your arms upward so that your palms are over your shoulders and the band is taut. Follow up by repeating with the other leg.

Strengthening the chest and back muscles


Stand with your legs hip-width apart, secure the Theraband® under your feet and tilt your upper body slightly forward. Grasp the band crossed and hold it in front of your body, elbows slightly bent and pointing outward, looking down at the floor. Slowly pull the arms upward, tensing the gluteal, abdominal and back muscles at the same time. The shoulders pull down and the head remains straight. Repeat the exercise a few times.

Strengthening the muscles of the back and front legs.


Lie on your back, stretch one leg long on the floor and bend the other. Form a loop with the Theraband® and place your bent foot inside. Now push the raised leg away from your body and hold it with your hands. Pay attention to balance: don't move your knee to the side. Repeat a few times, then switch sides.

Strengthening the back muscles

Get into a prone position and knot the Theraband® into a loop. Place the band around your ankles so that it stretches slightly when your legs are hip-width apart. Now open your legs several times against the resistance of the band. Caution: close the legs in a controlled and slow manner and start again.


Stretching is for relaxation- releasing the tension from the muscles. Gentle stretching exercises act like a relaxation program for body and soul. Today I would like to introduce you to some simple exercises that can relax your neck, shoulders and jaw muscles.


The neck, often tense from sitting for long periods of time, strained posture or stress, can be wonderfully relaxed by loosely dropping your chin to your sternum, simply letting it fall without force or effort, breathing deeply in and out and feeling and releasing the stretch in the neck area with each breath. Now gently let your head circle from left to right, as if you were brushing your chin along a chain around your neck. Slowly come back to the center and straighten your head.  Now drop your left ear to the left shoulder, again gently, without pressure and most importantly, the shoulder stays down, the ear wants to go to the shoulder, not the other way around. Same on the left side...feel the gentle stretch in the lateral neck muscles?


The shoulders- a constant issue in stressful situations- because we, mostly unconsciously, pull them up, causing tension in the entire upper body region. Place your right and left hands on your equilateral shoulders and paint large circles in the air with your elbows. This is a wonderful exercise for the upper back, shoulders and chest. Then release your hands again and circle your shoulders back loosely. Imagine your arms are softly cooked spaghetti, dangling loosely and relaxed next to your body, with only your shoulders in motion- up, way back, and low back down.


The muscles of the teeth also suffer from stress and tension. The old familiar saying "clench your teeth" is often taken too literally and applied too often, which inevitably leads to tension in the jaw muscles and joints. Many people process their daily experiences at night and about 30% of humanity belongs to the "species" of teeth grinder, also called bruxism. A very simple exercise for daily use: observe yourself and as soon as you notice your jaw muscles are tense- consciously relax, open your mouth slightly and draw small figure eights with your lower jaw.