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The healing effect of thermal baths

Brine bath - swimming like in the sea

Nowadays, brine baths can be found in many swimming pools and spa clinics. In most cases, the salt concentration is about 5%. Brine baths are known for their healing effect on various physical diseases. Brine has a desensitizing and calming effect on allergies. It has an antibacterial effect and thus alleviates inflammatory symptoms of the skin, for example in acne. But brine can have a particularly positive effect on diseases of the musculoskeletal system, such as osteoarthritis or rheumatism. And it works like this: The muscles relax when the dissolved salts react with the skin. The vessels are dilated by this reaction. At the same time, the joints are relieved and the patient's mobility is improved. For this reason, water gymnastics in brine baths is recommended, especially for people with osteoarthritis and joint problems. Exercise therapy measures can be carried out here more easily and with less pain. If you would like to try this out, all you have to do is look around in your own neighborhood. Many public swimming pools and spas now have extra brine pools.

Carbonic acid - mineral water against high blood pressure

Another spa with a completely different mode of action is the carbonic acid bath. Here, carbonic acid is artificially added to the bath water. During this treatment, the patient's skin absorbs large quantities of carbonic acid gas. As a result, the body temperature decreases, blood circulation is stimulated, the heart rate slows down and blood pressure is lowered. This particular application must be supervised by professionals. Especially for patients with high blood pressure, functional or arterial circulatory disorders this application is recommended. Furthermore, the carbonic acid bath helps to heal wounds and injuries. The carbonic acid bath also has a calming effect and therefore it is also used for mental illnesses and strong stress symptoms. This bath is best used during a cure and under medical supervision. Spas where this treatment is offered are, for example, Bad Pyrmont, Bad Krotzingen or Bad Wildungen.

Bathing in sulfur springs - helps especially with joint problems

Sulfur occurs as a natural remedy in certain springs. Nowadays, however, sulfur is also added to bath water specifically to treat various diseases. Sulfur baths affect the body in several ways. First, the warmth of the water has a relaxing effect on the muscles. At the same time, the connective tissue becomes more elastic and the blood vessels dilate. Sulfur water is considered to promote blood circulation, relieve pain and reduce inflammation. In certain skin diseases such as neurodermatitis, eczema and psoriasis, sulfur baths have a positive effect on the symptoms of the diseases. But sulfur baths can also help with osteoarthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis as well as intervertebral disc diseases. However, a one-time bath is not enough for the medical benefits. Regular applications, such as during a cure, are particularly recommended for treatment with sulfur water. Here, the healing water can ideally unfold its effect. In Germany, there are 31 recognized spas with sulfur-containing medicinal baths that are eligible for therapy.