Balance your diet, balance your health Balance your diet, balance your health

Health before performance

Faster, further, higher or simply being active, moving, experiencing your own body - there are many different motivations for running. Some find satisfaction in improving their personal best, others experience running as recreation or self-awareness. What unites them all is a passion for running. But what should you do when your health throws a wrench in the works? Disappointment and frustration seem to be pre-programmed, because basically the following applies: Only those who can train healthily will achieve their running goals.

This is where Wobenzym comes in. The competent contact with many years of experience in endurance sports provides useful advice on training health. The most common physical deficits that lead to pain and training failure are presented. The analysis includes a description of the symptoms, an overview of possible causes, typical clinical pictures, medical diagnosis and therapeutic and preventive procedures with reports on the experiences of experts. The first article is devoted to Achilles tendon complaints, as studies have shown these to be the most common overuse injury in runners. Analyses of other overuse injuries such as runner's knee (ilio-tibial band syndrome) or shin splint syndrome are also planned, but muscular imbalances and malpositions (e.g. overpronation) will also be presented step by step.