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Sore muscles? What it means and how to get rid of it quickly!

A hangover and sore muscles have something to do with each other, because in both cases the body shows us that we have put too much on it. In one case alcohol, in the other case sport. Sore muscles are nothing more than a pain caused by an inflammation that results from tiny injuries to the muscle cells. However, muscle soreness not only tells us that we have overworked, it also triggers the appropriate processes that cure the injuries and preventively build up additional muscle mass - which in no way means that you should always train so much that you get muscle soreness. More crucial than intensive training is regular training! As a rule, sore muscles disappear after a few days.

And this is how you can help your body get rid of sore muscles as soon as possible:

- Reduce your workouts to allow your muscles to recover. Loose exercise is best, as it stimulates blood flow to the muscles and aids recovery.
- Another proven aid is heat - be it a warm bath or a heat compress from the pharmacy.
- Enzyme preparations such as Wobenzym are also helpful. The enzymes help the body to speed up the inflammatory processes and thus accelerate healing.